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Research on reducing power consumption of zinc smelter in Zhuzhou Smelter

Congratulations on breaking up “big three”! Hard!” In August 18th, a condolence work, China Minmetals Nonferrous Metals Holdings Ltd. deputy general manager of Zhuzhou Smelter Group Co, party secretary and chairman Huang Zhongmin in zinc electrolysis plant on the plant power consumption reduction technological breakthroughs, employees face a confident smile.
The power consumption of zinc electrolysis has always been an important factor affecting the economic benefits of zinc smelting. In recent years, due to the change of raw materials and the introduction of new process, the electrolytic power consumption of Zhuzhou smelter has been high. Since April this year, in order to overcome this problem, the zinc electrolysis factory has adopted a series of key measures in the labor competition, job training and site management. In the meantime, the factory electricity consumption continued to decline, down from a peak of 3067kwh/t to 2977kwh/t, the best level of consumption of nearly nine years of summer high temperature period.
At the beginning of April, the company carried out the “no wrong tooth, 100 thousand pieces of no contact, no perforation 000 fine operation production competition. Factories have set up inspection teams, each series of 1500 pieces of cathode plate each month, the reward for the excellent section, for the lower than the standard rate of assessment. Competition in the mobilization of staff enthusiasm at the same time, the staff positions also put forward higher requirements. Each section is strictly operated according to the standard of “four passes, seven no” and “41 advanced operation methods”. In order to achieve excellent results in the competition, the staff of each section of the three section shall record and smooth the anode, and shall not be less than 100 pieces, so as to reduce the contact between the plates, so as to ensure the power consumption and the stability of the precipitated zinc.
“Reducing power consumption, post operation is the key.”!” The factory has also conducted extensive and meticulous training. In July 18th, when in the heat of the day, the factory production gap will be moved to the classroom where the production site. Electrolytic cell, process management and key words and deeds, the scene, see the tank stripping of zinc daily post operation demonstration, the demonstration of recording a video, which is convenient for employees to learn, to make post operation standardization and refinement.
At the same time, the factory staff also take the initiative to do, through post innovation, small change, small leather and other ways to improve the site management level, help the factory to reduce power consumption work. One or two, four section of the workshop roof corrosion, every heavy rain days will appear rain erosion, anode conductive head, cathode conductive sheet and copper containing wastewater into the electrolytic tank, seriously affect production. Faced with this problem, section staff through observation and exploration, and the groove plate with wide plastic leather shoe cover on the conductive head and a conductive sheet, with the lowest cost to solve the problem, to ensure stable operation of the quality system and the precipitation of zinc. Six sections braved the hot weather, overtime work, the backbone of the organization in the near future to adjust the 2 series of electrolytic cells analysis outlet, reducing the cost of yin and Yang and post labor intensity.
Editor in chief: Yu woo

Yunnan Copper Company started the “three comprehensive” consolidating action

The afternoon of August 27th, China copper Party committee, general manager of Yunnan Copper Co. Tian Yongzhong hosted a video conference to start our full mobilization, safety and environmental quality comprehensive mobilization, comprehensive inventory, comprehensive rectification “consolidating action.
The conference organization learning general secretary Xi Jinping on security, ecological civilization, the quality of the quotations, learning to convey the Chinese copper grade two aluminum company, company action plan, the aluminum company party members, deputy general manager Liu Jianping will start the spirit of the speech on the Chinese copper action, announced the implementation plan to carry out the action of Yunnan Copper Co. and the inventory list, convey the inspection steering steering group opinions and problems of safety production in the aluminum company list.
Tian Yong Zhong made five demands in his speech.
First, we should actively and actively adapt to the restructuring of China’s copper sector after the reform. Before the reform of Yunnan Copper Group and Yunnan Copper Company is the integration of management, after the reform of management and integration of China copper Yunnan Copper Group, Yunnan Copper Company should take the initiative to assume independent business entities in copper under a responsibility, each department must be based on the job, take the initiative to play, has been designated in accordance with the functional boundaries perform within the scope of the company management responsibilities, work will be subject to serious accountability.
The two is to seize the main line, focus on practical work. At a higher level under the guidance of the spirit, all units must comply with the safety and environmental quality of Yunnan Copper Co. “three comprehensive” consolidating action requirements, full mobilization, inspection, rectification work in each phase, the key should be itemized in accordance with the action inventory list item inventory, business lines to the end longitudinal, transverse to the edge based on the principle of territoriality.
The three is to grasp the three points of action. First, comprehensive, that is, full staff, the whole process, full business participation. From the general manager of the company to a team of ordinary employees are the subject of this action, from strategic planning and project planning, project investment, technological innovation, production, sales, finance, human resources management should be included in the whole line, all business sectors are involved. Two is to highlight a “big” word, that is, to create a big atmosphere, so that this action as the next period of time in a center of work and focus. Party and government departments at all levels should shoulder their responsibilities, publish relevant publicity reports every day, transfer positive energy, expose violations and other negative acts. Three is strictly grasp the three stages. Stage of mobilization, Party committees at all levels are required to hold a special democratic life, making detailed action plan and list of arrangements in place; inventory stage, according to the safety inspection work, promote the comprehensive grassroots, not afraid of problems not afraid to break the habit of thinking, and the rectification can enact change; rectification stage. Responsible for the classification combined with the main responsibility for the company under a clear list of departments and the leadership of the division in general and business units, to play the main responsibility and territorial responsibility, come up with more detailed implementation of the list of important standard rectification effect as test whether the leading bodies at all levels to take responsibility.

Northeastern University and Yunnan Copper Group Discussion

The afternoon of August 18th, Northeastern University Party committee, chief accountant Lu Yanhua visited Yunnan Copper Group, China copper, Yunnan Copper Group CEO Wu Jianqiang, Chinese copper, Yunnan Copper Group Vice President Yao Zhihua had a talk with the guests.
Wu Jianqiang introduces the history, production and operation of China copper and Yunnan Copper Group, introduced the Northeastern University and the development in recent years, the two sides agreed to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation, give full play to the advantages of technology and enterprise’s resources and production experience, the formation of complementary.
China copper human resources department, financial department, deputy general manager of General Management Department, technology management, and Yunnan Copper Company investment management department related personnel to participate in the discussion.
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Northeastern University is the national key university directly under the Ministry of education. It was founded in April 26, 1923. From August 1928 to January 1937, Zhang Xueliang, a famous patriotic general, served as president. In March 1949, the Shenyang Institute of technology was established on the basis of the Faculty of engineering and Science (part) of Northeastern University. In August 1950, known as the Northeast Engineering Institute, March 1993, January 1997, the original complex known as the Northeastern University, Shenyang Gold College into the Northeastern University, September 1998 transferred to universities directly under the Ministry of education. The school is the first batch of “211 Project” and “985 Project” key construction institutions of higher learning, and the Ministry of education, Liaoning, Shenyang joint construction.

BHP Billiton Olympic Dam minerals out of the first cathode copper

McGill, President of BHP Billiton’s Jacqui, said on Monday that the company’s Olympic Dam mine had successfully produced the first cathode copper by heap leaching technology for ore beneficiation and smelting.
The technology is being evaluated at a pilot plant in Adelaide to be used as a low-cost processing programme for South Australia mines with potential for expansion and 450 thousand / year capacity. It is said that a series of large-scale trials will be carried out in the next 3 years.
The first ore was mined from high-grade underground projects worth $250 million ($199 million) to the southern mining areas of the region.
* Note: Deutsche Bank AG said in July that BHP should consider giving up $5 billion of Olympic Dam investment projects to focus on higher return growth options;
* Note: BHP Billiton’s medium-term expansion project at the Olympic Dam is 280 thousand – 330 thousand tons / year;
* BHP Billiton said last week that the Olympic Dam expansion plan means that it will reach an agreement on power with the OZ Minerals Ltd.

Mexico mining investment data increased this year

Mexico Mining Association said that this year, the country’s mining investment data increased, mainly due to global metal prices rebound. Previously, Mexico mining investment has declined for four consecutive years.
Sergio Almazan, director of the Mexico Mining Association, said in a telephone interview that by the end of the year, Mexico’s mining investment would be $5 billion, an increase of 33% compared to 2016. Nearly half of the money will come from overseas.
According to the Mexico economic department, foreign direct investment in the sector was $1 billion 300 million last year.
In 2012, mining investment in Mexico reached a high of $8 billion, but then began to decline, as international metal prices fell, and since then the mining sector has imposed a new tax regime (effective in 2014).
“Fortunately, metal prices are starting to rebound,” says Mr Almazan.”
Copper prices have risen by more than 23% so far in 2017, gold prices have risen by 16%, and silver prices have risen by 12%.
Almazan said it expects the Mexico authorities to revise the tax rate, and Almazan thinks the tax system has damaged the competitiveness of Mexico’s industries.

Global copper production decline

China’s industrial added value in July slowed to 6.4%, 7 months before the national real estate investment chain continued to fall; August manufacturing PMI items in the new orders index recorded a 37 month high, the manufacturing industry to promote the economic cycle, indicating that the domestic economic situation showed a steady growth trend, from the macro to copper prices continued to rise in the formation of strong support.
Upstream raw materials in short supply
Affected by the field of environmental protection and supervision of overseas copper copper output fell, raw material supply is very tight. In addition, copper prices rose with the positive. Recently, the fourth batch of national environmental protection inspector of Zhejiang, settled in Jilin, Shandong, Hainan, Sichuan, Tibet, Qinghai, Xinjiang (including eight Corps), many illegal small copper factory shut down again, environmental protection efforts continue to increase so that the market outlook for the supply of goods increased worry. The first 7 months of this year China imported a total of 2 million 139 thousand tons, an increase of 16.27%. Data show that imports from Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand have increased significantly. It is understood that the strict control of domestic environmental protection, cutting off the waste seven kinds of dismantling materials imported from abroad channels, many enterprises will be dismantling the goods sent to Southeast Asian countries for processing, and then import finished products.
Imports of copper concentrate Market Trading slightly active, clean spot copper concentrate processing fee from $90 / ton fell all the way to the current $80 / ton, far below the year long single price, low inventory of raw materials smelting plant began for the upcoming seasons of reserves, processing fees to cut. This year, copper ore imports increased markedly, the cumulative growth of only 3.47%, lower than the growth rate of domestic smelting capacity, large mines strike, the old mine ore grade reduction, resulting in decline in mining output.
The author from the quarterly data of 12 listed overseas mining enterprises to understand, the two quarter copper production fell 7.3%, the decline was a significant improvement in the first quarter, but the first half of the overall decline of 10.1%, far exceeding market expectations. Although these mining companies listed some mines began to expand, such as the Southern Copper project is located in the new Peru and Mexico according to plan construction, Escondida in the three quarter of three new plant put into use, first quantum Cobre Panama project construction schedule has been more than 58%, but the new project as early as next year can be put into actual production. Influence of Glencore, yield vale target down, the second half of its output will be reduced by about 3% compared to the same period, the annual year-on-year decrease of 6%. Fortunately, the African copper production has increased in recent years, our country mainly from Zambia, Congo, South Africa and other African countries, imports of copper anode, data show that the first 7 months of this year, imports 436 thousand tons, an increase of 1.88%, partly make up the main source of imports of copper concentrate to reduce the gap.

Ge Honglin to China Copper Research

In August 31st, the aluminum company party secretary and chairman Ge Honglin, the aluminum company party members, deputy general manager Zhang Chengzhong, Chinalco party members, deputy general manager, chairman Liu Jianping to China China copper copper copper Chinese of Kunming headquarters research, fully affirmed the work, and put forward the requirements for the next step.
Chinese copper CEO Wu Jianqiang, party secretary Shi Weiqin, chief financial officer Zhang Shiguo, vice president Wang Mingxing, vice president of Wang Chong and other members of the leadership team on production management and building work to the Ge Honglin line, also hope to assist the relevant aluminum company to solve the problem of the report.
Ge Honglin affirmed the Chinese copper work, and pleased to say “people work hard, day to help, since the implementation of reform China copper integrative management system, through our hard work, all the staff in good spirits, production and management situation is gratifying, 1 to August earnings over the progress achieved obvious to people achievements, hope not China copper sit back, continue to maintain good posture, steady, healthy development, with excellent performance to the nineteen Party’s gift.
Ge Honglin of Chinese copper next work put forward four requirements: one is to seize a good opportunity for the development of state-owned enterprises, in accordance with the deployment of the aluminum company in Yunnan province and the arrangement, rhythm faster and more, go all together to promote the specific work to do Chinese copper landing. The two is to unswervingly push forward the comprehensive strictly, unswervingly promote clean government and anti-corruption struggle, and with the “two a” study and education combined, effectively promote the comprehensive enterprise strictly in the air plant. The three is to attach great importance to safety, environmental protection, quality three work, conscientiously implement the general secretary Xi Jinping on the spirit of safety, environmental protection, and effectively improve the quality of an important speech, the ideological and political stance and the best quality of work safety and environmental protection. Four is to strengthen the ranks of cadres, do a good job of personnel training, for the development of the aluminum company reserves talent.
Zhang Chengzhong asked Chinese copper party according to the aluminum company to carry out self correction to deepen the inspection rectification work requirements, carefully control inspection of four categories, 16 aspects, 47 “whether” key, one by one comb, and ran to the problem, identify the problems and shortcomings, one by one rectification, replicability, carry out self correction deepen inspection (inspection) rectification work.

The copper salt workshop of Jinchuan copper smelting plant has an annual output of 3000 tons of high-purity copper sulphate project

In August 18th, the annual output of 3000t/a pure copper sulfate project independently developed by copper smelter was put into production. High pure copper sulfate blue translucent product output, slowly on the packing line quality, fill the company as well as the northwest region of high pure copper sulfate products in the high-end electroplating industry blank, extension of the copper industry chain, to further promote the comprehensive utilization of waste slag of copper smelting industry acid resources, effectively enhance the performance level and the level of comprehensive utilization of resources and environment.
With an annual output of 3000 tons of high purity copper sulfate copper smelter Project Department of the “13th Five-Year” planning of the construction project, has a short process, less investment, short construction period, the quality of the products, market prospects, economic benefits and other characteristics, the project started construction in March 15, 2017, December 16, 2016, with the development and production of high purity copper sulfate is copper sulfate the high-end electroplating, mainly used in printed circuit board electroplating, electroless plating, plastic plating and electroplating and other high-end accessories industry, highlighting the development of new products, sustainable development and extension of circular economy industrial chain of great significance.
In the project construction of copper smelting factory insists on saving investment principle, new equipment and facilities based on the existing plant, purification and recrystallization process by extraction depth, complementary with copper sulfate and organic combination of the existing production system, and in the selection of equipment, self-contained, independent operation, avoid mutual interference with the existing production system. At the same time, copper smelter will remove the impurities in the product, and for preventing and controlling the crystal form of the product promotion as the innovation point and foothold, to enhance the copper sulfate product appearance and intrinsic quality, meet the strict requirements of high-end users, the crystal form of the product appearance quality high requirements for product impurities.

Study on pure purification smelting process of P91 heat-resistant steel

In early 2015, Inner Mongolia North Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. won the domestic 4 million t/a coal indirect liquefaction project, ultra-high pressure steam seamless steel pipe with P91. The project of P91 steel tube technology (non-metallic inclusions, P content, grain size, hardness uniformity) beyond the actual level of this kind of domestic steel production, especially non metallic inclusions, are extremely difficult to achieve technical index. To this end, the company carried out to improve the purity of steel (O content, inclusions) technical research, so that the product pass rate of 100%, expanding the high-end seamless steel pipe market.
For smelting high pure high chromium steel P91 steel, inclusion level reached B, D, DS = 1.5, and at the same time meet the A+B+C+D is less than or equal to 3.5, the content of O in the selection and control of steel deoxidation is difficult.
Low carbon oxygen control is difficult, the low carbon high alloy steel smelting time, more difficult. Therefore, to consider the system, combining prevention with control “. By controlling the furnace in the smelting process, peroxidation in steel refining process, pre deoxidation measures, diffusion deoxidation in molten steel deoxidization and inclusion morphology, adsorption capacity, slag casting process gas protection, to achieve low oxygen content.
P91 steel pipe manufacturing process: 50tEAF – 50tLF – VD – adjustable, soft blowing, nitrogen protection casting, ingot hot delivery, 150 MN and 360 MN press press blank tube extrusion, tube heat treatment, physical and chemical testing and finishing, nondestructive testing, inspection.
The results show that:
1) when the oxidation decarburization stage reaches the equilibrium state, the concentration product of C and O is constant, while the carbon is high and the oxygen is low. For P91 steel tapping carbon process is low (less than 0.05%), if the oxygen blowing process control is not reasonable, tapping to control the content of C is too low, will cause the electric furnace molten steel peroxided, causing the increase in subsequent refining volume deoxidizing agent used in the process of deoxidation products generate more, but not all are floating off oxygen product slag adsorption, is bound to have a part of deoxidization products in molten steel stranded, which exceed the standard of inclusion in steel. Therefore, the optimization of smelting material, oxidation and decarburization and heating period and blowing technology, theoretical calculation of blowing oxygen as a guide, in ensuring the P content of steel under the condition of accurate control of the content of C is 0.04 ~ 0.05%, the stable control of the electric furnace steel peroxided, from the source to control the content of O in steel.
2) by electric furnace tapping process, after the first carbon deoxidation deoxidation precipitation after pre deoxidation process, refining process and diffusion deoxidation, VD control and soft blowing of free oxygen in steel before less than 8 * 10-6 (FeO = 0.6%). When the VD steel reaches higher purity, then calcium treatment and final deoxidation are carried out. The deoxidation products in molten steel are reduced, and the morphology of inclusions is improved.
3) the process of continuous diffusion, deoxidation and continuous reduction of slag is adopted to prevent the deoxidation products of molten steel during refining process, and improve the morphology of inclusions.
4) control the basicity of slag and reduce globular inclusion.
5) the total oxygen content in the seamless pipe products prepared by adopting the above technical measures is stably controlled in the range of 12 * 10-6 to 20 * 10-6. Class A and class C inclusions are controlled within a range not greater than 1, and class B and class D inclusions are no more than 1.5. The sum of A, B, C and D inclusions is within the range of no more than 3.5. At the same time, the performance indexes of the materials are up to the relevant technical standards, and the performance reserve is relatively large.

Jiuquan Iron and steel successfully rolled 0.3 mm wide titanium coil

Recently, Jiuquan Hongxing shares wide titanium stainless steel branch power rolling thickness of 0.3 mm volume.
Titanium alloy has low density, high strength, good corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, non magnetic, welding, surface decoration and other characteristics, widely used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, chemical, petroleum, electric power, medical, construction, sporting goods etc.. It is learnt that the thinner the titanium roll, the more it is used in sophisticated equipment, the higher the processing fees. In addition, the thin specifications of titanium coils can also reduce customer costs, welcomed by the market.
Stainless steel branch rolling processing on titanium has been in the leading domestic level, after processing 0.5 mm wide titanium coil is not only good quality, but also than a few domestic enterprises with the specifications of titanium processing volume should be wide, which means that customers use efficiency will be higher after the hand. In the process of challenging thinner specifications, the technical staff of stainless steel branch overcome the complicated technical problems such as surface short cut, herringbone production and annealing, and finally realize the production of 0.3 mm wide titanium coil.
After inspection, stainless steel branch rolled 0.3 mm wide titanium coil, its mechanical properties have reached or exceeded the national standard, has begun to produce orders.

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